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Services Available

Aerial Imaging Media offers many services. Scroll below to see what AIM offers and contact if you have questions. There's no limit to help serve our community. 

Roofing Inspection

Inspect difficult to reach spots like roofs using drones.

Real Estate

Aerial views of properties for investors and buyers 

Ground to Sky MultiMedia

Portraits, engagements, weddings, family events, sports and much more.

Aerial Imagery

At AIM, the eye for excellent visuals from above will to meet and exceed your needs.

Celebrations & Events

Take in the good times from unique angles.

Family & Culture

AIM wants to help you create lasting memories.

Lifestyle & Entertainment

We target to serve everyone for them to showcase themselves.

So Much To Offer

A.I.M. values producing quality media and gathering data for all applications. With a passion for photography and cinematography, A.I.M. will exceed expectations by capturing moments in time and creating memories.


Commercial Aerial 

Assessments, Monitoring, Claims


Agricultural Aerial

Survey and Analysis

Residential Aerial

Inspections, Real estate, Property Management

Aerial View of a Suburb

Events & Adventure Aerial

Creative Content Development and Post-Production

Flying Drone on the Beach
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