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AIMCAN Pricing

Find one that works for you. AIM offers more than just Aerial Images. Take a look below for the best plans. *prices are subject to change*

  • Headshots/Portraits/Group Photos

    From $79.99 ~ 2 Unique Headshots, Family/Corporate/Team Photoshoots
    • Headshots, Company Pictures, Group/Team Pictures
    • Family Portraits and Corporate Photoshoots
    • 2 images - Headshots, Group/Team, Company
    • Talent, Modeling, Creative Agencies
    • Small Businesses
    • Real Estate, Law, Health and all industries
    • Under 18 Will Require Legal Consent*
    • Min. 25 photos for half-day photoshoot
    • Min. 50 photos full day photoshoot
    • Video May Be Additional*
    • Price & Time are Negotiable
  • Best Value

    The AIMCAN Plan

    From $79.99, 30-45 images. 15-90sec clip. Real Estate, Events, Inspections, and much more
    • Aerial Photography, Video and Editing Included
    • 30-45 Images. 15-90 seconds clip,
    • Real Estate, Commercial, Agricultural, Roofing Inspection
    • HVAC Inspection, Surveys, Monitoring
    • Data Collection for planning, analysis and implementation
    • Media & Entertainment Solutions
  • Engagements & Weddings

    From $1399.99 - min 4-8 hours - 100 photos - feature video - post-processing
    • Ground and Aerial (if not in restricted zone) photos/videos
    • 100 Edited Images and Long or short Video Options
    • Headshots, Family, Group Pictures/Videos
    • A Digital Copy
    • *Additional Costs May Be Applied for Location, Extra Hours..
    • Without Restrictions, Aerial May also be included
    • *Anniversaries included in Events
    • Post-Processing
    • Live Streaming see EXTRA
  • Events, Parties, Gatherings

    From $99.99~$399.99 - 50-75 images - 5-10 mins video - Prices May Vary Depending on Event Style
    • Minimum 4 hour session
    • Ground Videos and Pictures - 5 min video ~ 50-75 images
    • Aerial May Be Additional
    • For Private, Public, Company, Family Events
  • Editing Services (Pre & Post Production)

    From $49.99 ~ We Edit for You!
    • Free Consultation 30-60 mins
    • Pre-Production ~ Planning, Script Writing, Storyboarding
    • Post-Production ~ Edit Customer Submitted Visual Projects
    • Audio/Visual Services
    • Client Can Submit Their Own Media
    • Production ~ refer to Pricing
  • ~Photoshoot~

    From $399.99 ~ 50-75 images ~
    • Models, Musicians, Actors, Artists, Dancers
    • Open to All Public & Private Service Sectors
    • AIMCAN Welcomes All to Display Their Creative Spirit
    • Athletes, Fashion Designers
  • Film/Video Recording

    From $399.99 ~ Enhance your Visual Ideas to Bring to the Screen
    • Short clips for social media content, marketing and ads
    • Short Films/Documentaries
    • Music Videos
    • Training/Tutorial Videos
    • Interviews and b-roll for news
    • Feature Film/ Documentary Series
    • Offering Solutions For Any Application
  • Sound Services

    From $69.99 ~ offering voiceover and audio services
    • Record, process and distribute audio/voice recordings
    • Sound design for visual creative projects
    • Audio Retrieval, storage & data analysis
    • Capture or acquire sound, compress sound, manipulate sound
  • Extra XTRAS

    Additional costs and fees may apply.. ALL PRICES & PLANS are subjected to change. See Below
    • Travel Fee - Outside Service Area
    • Extra Time
    • Extra Editing
    • Additional Images
    • Scouting Fee
    • Re-shoots of visuals


AIMCAN Services

Aerial Imaging Media offers many services. Scroll below to see what AIM offers and contact if you have questions. There's no limit to help serve our community. 

Roofing Inspection

Inspect difficult to reach spots like roofs using drones.

Ground to Sky MultiMedia

Portraits, engagements, weddings, family events, sports and much more.

Real Estate

Aerial views of properties for investors and buyers 

Aerial Imagery

At AIM, the eye for excellent visuals from above will to meet and exceed your needs.

Get birdseye views of things that matter to you.

For Aerial Plans and more...

Celebrations & Events

Take in the good times from unique angles. Holidays, Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, etc

For Weddings, Events & More...

Family & Culture

AIM wants to help you create lasting memories. The aim is to build relationships in an ever-evolving world.

For Headshots, Family Portraits & More...

Lifestyle & Entertainment

You are special and unique. Our goal is for everyone to showcase themselves. You can let out your creativity and we can help promote and market your talents.

For Media Plans and More...



Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


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  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Flickr

 Hours of Operation 

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 7:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Thanks for submitting!

Drone Operations Flight Time 1 Hour

Maximum Flight Altitude 400 feet & VLOS Operated

Packages offered Aerial, Ground, Combo or Strictly Editing

Some Flight Restrictions May Apply

Services offered Photography, Videography, Editing, Content Creation

DJI, GoPro & NIKON equipment utilized for images

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